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Drip Edge Aluminum .040 Custom Kynar 20 Feet
Drip Edge Aluminum .040 Custom Kynar 10 Feet

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Gutter Systems
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Product Spotlight Pre-formed Gutter & Accessories

Leaf Pro™ Series
Advanced Gutter Protection System

Our most advanced gutter protection system is made from .024" aluminum with baked on enamel finish. Handy four foot panels fit both 5" and 6" gutter sizes. The Leaf Pro™ is a high performance leaf shedding system that offers ease of installation and long term durability.

Leaf Pro™ provides professional functionality for anyone wanting to minimize routine gutter maintenance chores while maintaining optimal roof drainage. Whether your dealing with pine needles, maple seedlings, oak pollen, or just your every day leaf, Leaf Pro™ delivers the rain handling and debris shedding capabilities you can depend on.

Gutter Forming Machines
Offering a wide variety of professional gutter forming equipment for the contracting professional. Learn why our gutter machines pack the best warranty in the industry.

Gutter Guards & More
eGutter™ sets the standard for gutter guards by offering over 14 patented designs that are "roof friendly" and easy to install. Ideal for the builder, contractor, or homeowner wanting the best and latest

K Style & Half Round
eGutter™ fabricates 5" ,6", 7" and 8" in both half round and "K" Style for residential and commercial gutter needs. We offer gutter components in copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, bonderized steel and pvc.  

 >>Gutter Components Checklist PDF

Gutter & Downspout Shipping Rates
Please read.  Due to length restrictions with UPS and FedEx Ground,
all 10-foot or 20-foot gutter lengths must ship by freight only

How do you prevent damages when shipping a gutter systems? **
All gutter and downspout orders require a special Reddi-Crate system we
developed. Crating is a onetime necessary charge:  
  10-foot Crate Add $50
20-foot Crate Add $88 

What are base rates for freight shipping? *
10' Crate to a commercial address is $156*
20' Crate to commercial address Add $49
Residential Delivery Add $49

*Rates apply to crates not exceeding a total weight of 350 pounds. Contiguous US only.
** Contract Carrier may be used in lieu of crating at same $50 rate.

*** All shipment to Canada are Custom & Duties collect.
K-Style Gutter System & Accessories Diagram 200x
K-Style Gutter System & Accessories Diagram
This chart will help you determine the various hangers, outlets, and downspout fastner options that are available when configuring a gutter system. Use our Search Box on the upper left column of this screen to find the particular gutter component you may be searching for.

eGutter™ makes finding the right gutter part a breeze.

Half Round Gutter System And Accessories Diagram 200x
Use this diagram of a half round gutter system to help determine the various gutter components which make up a complete single bead half round gutter system. Please note that not all sizes are available in the materials shown in this diagram. This diagram includes all our available hangers, outlets, and downpipe fasteners typically used when putting together a complete Half Round gutter system. Use our Search Box on the upper left of this screen to find the particular gutter component you may be searching for.
basic gutter checklist 160x205
Gutter System Checklist & PDF Planning Form
Gutter System Checklist - PDF

Shipping & Crating Notice:

All gutter and downspout must be shipped by common carrier or freight. Due length restrictions, UPS or FedEx can not deliver gutter or downpipe.

Furthermore, all gutter and downspout requires crating to insure that your components arrive to you dent-free.

All gutter is shipped in either 10 foot or 20 foot sections. Please select the appropriate 10 foot or 20 foot crate when ordering your gutter system.

Gutter Material Considerations

  1. What size gutter do I need? 5", 6", or industrial size?
  2. What style of gutter best meets my needs? K-Style (most common), Half-Round, or custom?
  3. What type of material is best? Aluminum (.027" or .032"), Copper (16oz., 18oz., or 20oz.), Galvanized Steel (26 gauge or 28 gauge) or PVC (varies)?

  4. How many lineal feet of gutter needed? How many connectors or slip joints?
  5. How many downspouts will be required and what size is best?
  6. How may elbows needed per downspout? What degree bends should the various elbows be? 75º (most common), 30º (for exterior offsets)
  7. How many pipe brackets or straps needed per downspout?

  8. What type of hanger and the proper spacing should be used?
  9. How many Outlets? What size and style outlet?
  10. How many left and right endcaps?
  11. How about corners or miters? Inside or Outside?

  12. What type of hardware is required? Screws? Pop Rivets?
  13. How much sealer or solder will be needed?
  14. What about gutter protection product to prevent maintenance?
    (e.g. Leaf Pro MX, Gutter Cover, Solid Cover, Gutta Gard, etc.)
  15. What downspout accessories required?
    (e.g. Rain Drain, Flexaspout, The Wedge, etc.)

Gutter System Overview:
gutter sections, slip joint or connectors (if necessary), hanger brackets (various types), endcaps (right or left for K style), outlets or drops (i.e. connects gutter to downpipe or leader), miters or corners (90º outside, 90º inside, 45º outside bay, 45º inside bay),downpipe or downspout (a.k.a. leader), elbows, pipe brackets or pipe straps, hardware (i.e. zip-in screws, pop rivets, hanger screws, gutter nails, and spikes), gutter sealer (i.e. seal endcaps, miters, slip joints, endcaps, and outlets), and touch up paint for aluminum gutters. Solder or Parbond® for copper and steel gutter.

Privacy Policy of eGutter® and LLC
eGutter® is a registered trademark of LLC. LLC respects the privacy of anyone who uses our Web sites, and, our online applications. (More)

Return Policy of eGutter® and LLC

The original purchaser has a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of item(s) to return any purchase for a refund, less shipping and 20% restocking fee, provided the merchandise is in new condition.

Purchaser is responsible for all shipping fee when returning product back to GuttersDirect LLC. Please include receipt and RMA # with merchandise. A credit card refund or check will be issued within 14 days after the return is received.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide adequate packaging and appropriate shipping insurance to ensure merchandise arrives in resaleable condition to GuttersDirect Warehouse. No refunds will be issued on items that return to us damaged. It will be the customer's responsibility to initiate any claims with UPS or other carriers as to items damaged in shipment.
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Half Round Gutter System And Accessories Diagram
K-Style Gutter System & Accessories Diagram
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K Style Gutter & Component Diagram
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