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Classic Vinyl 2½" Round Connector White
Classic Vinyl 2½" Round Connector Brown
Downspout PVC 3" Plain Round 10 Feet White
Downpipe Vinyl Connector 3" White
Classic Vinyl 2½" Round Downspout 10' White
Classic Vinyl 2½" Round Well Outlet White
Well Cap PVC 2 1/2" Round White
K-Snap Vinyl 2½" Square Downspout Connector White
Classic Vinyl 3" Round Downspout 10' Brown
K Snap Vinyl 2 1/2" Square Downspout 10' Brown
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K Snap Vinyl 2 1/2" Square Downspout 10' White
Downspout PVC 2.5" Square 10 Feet White 200x

2½" Square Vinyl Downspout White - 10 Feet

- Recommended for our K Snap gutter system.
- Must ship by freight on a protective skid
- Each piece is 10 feet in length.
- May be cut to size.
- Color is White
- Must ship by freight only due to length.

Price: $12.50


Related items:
Elbow PVC 2.5" Square 75º Bend White 200x
K Snap Vinyl 2½" Square Elbow 75º White
Recommeded for use with our white K Snap gutter system. Fits directly into our 2½" square vinyl downspout. Two elbows are required per downspout assembly. A third elbow may be used at bottom. This elbow has a 75º bend. Color is White.
Suggested Price . . . $ 5.50

Price: $4.19
K-Snap Vinyl 2½" Square Downspout Bracket White
For securing our K-Snap 2½" square downpipe to the wall. Use two for every length of 10 feet downpipe. Color is white.

Suggested Price . . . $ 3.99

Price: $2.80
outlet pvc ksnap exp jt conn 200x
K Snap Vinyl Drop Outlet 2½" Square White
Works with our K Snap gutter and fits directly to the 2½" square downpipe. Allows for free thermal expansion of gutter while providing outlet to downpipe. Required for gutter lengths exceeding 25 feet. Color is white.

Suggested Price . . . $ 8.95

Price: $6.19
downspout pvc conn 2.5 sq white 160x205
K-Snap Vinyl 2½" Square Downspout Connector White
Joins two sections of our K Snap Vinyl 2½" squarte downpipe. Recommended when installing two story downspouts. Color is white.
Suggested Price . . . $ 4.50

Price: $3.49
PVC Cement thumb
Plastmo PVC Cement 5 Fluid Oz.
Designed specifically for our K Snap and Classic Half Round vinyl gutter systems. All surfaces to be glued must first be cleaned with sandpaper. All surfaces must be dry and installation temperature a minimum of 0º (32ºF). Cement turns white after hardening. Wipe excess off after use. Follow direction. Contains Tetrahydrofuran. Each tube contains 5.3 fl. oz.

Suggested Price . . .  $ 10.00
Price: $7.90